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DiveoPro is a cutting edge software that allows basketball teams to get more out of their game film - while doing less.

Automated Analysis

We utilize machine learning technology to automatically breakdown the key plays of basketball games for you - all you need to do is upload the video.

Highlight Creation

Our custom built software not only lets you enjoy auto-generated highlights, but also enables you to effortlessly create customized professional highlight videos.

Affordable Prices

We want DiveoPro to be accessible to everyone, so break down, analyze, review, and enjoy your game film for less than dollar a game per player.

Made For Everyone

Regardless of how you're involved, we can help.

  • Coach

    Once the game film has been uploaded, you can instantly see the game from a new perspective. We automatically generate playlists to help you analyze the game. For example, you can see all the possessions where you weren't able to get a shot up, or every possession you didnt get the defensive rebound. All of this - with no extra effort.

  • Player

    Getting instant feedback from your coaches on specific plays will allow you to take your game to the next level, but how do you get people to notice? DiveoPro allows you to create viral highlight videos in a couple clicks, making it incredibly easy to show everyone that crazy three you had, or that time when you swatted the ball out of the gym.

  • Parent

    Don't spend endless hours or reach deep into your pockets for highlights - with DiveoPro you can do all of this and more. In addition, if you miss a game, don't worry. We save every single game so you never miss a second. Life gets in the way, but don't let that stop you from supporting your kids.

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We are getting ready to launch our service in the upcoming weeks. Until then, if you would like to see a demo, please email us at Interest@diveopro.com or use the below form